Melleefresh / New Website!

New Website! / EDM & House Music vocalist/producer who has collab'd with deadmau5, Hoxton Whores, Calvertron, Gettoblasters, Alixander III, Spekr Freks & Boy Pussy, among others.

New Website!

Welcome to the new home of Melleefresh on the Interwebz

Take a look at this awesome new Melleefresh website!

It features the full catalog of 250+ tracks that Melleefresh has had a hand in, from 2005 to present. Visit the Music section to listen to her tracks either through your preferred streaming service or via digital download.

The News section (where you are right now) will keep you up-to-date on all the things that Melleefresh is up to - upcoming releases, appearances and events.

If you want to be notified via email when new tracks have been released, Join the Melleefresh community.

If you want some background on the road that Melleefresh has travelled, check out the About Melleefresh or Press pages.

All of her social media and music profile pages are also here, either in the column at right if you're viewing this on a desktop computer or down below if you're viewing this on your mobile device.

Lots more beautiful, rich & horny news to come!